UD helps develop comprehensive autism strategy

By Amy Cherry 8:57pm, September 8, 2013
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The University of Delaware's Center for Disabilities Studies develops a strategic plan for autism disorder.

WDEL's Amy Cherry has details.

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Script for Wrap #1:

1 in 88 children has been identified with autism in the U.S.

"The service systems are really struggling to keep up with the increased prevalence as well as all the research into new therapeutic approaches," says Annalissa Ekladh, a program coordinator for UD's Center for Disabilities Studies.

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Diagnosis often leads to confusion and concern for parents.

"It can be extremely challenging and overwhelming for families," she says.

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But Ekbladt says, the Blueprint for Collective Action, hopes to change that through an all-encompassing approach.

"Education, health care, employment, insurance and all of those systems together,"

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The Blueprint also discovered there's a strong need for training and technical assistance for professionals who serve people suffering from autism.

The plan seeks to identify children with autism sooner and find ways to help parents cope, since most of the coordination falls on them. It strives to give those with autism a better life.

"The parents really feel optimistic about the future be cause of the increased coordination," she says.

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