Red Clay breaks ground on new elementary school in Hockessin

By Amy Cherry 11:41am, September 10, 2013 - Updated 11:36pm, September 10, 2013
Hockessin will be home for a new Red Clay school that will teach 600 kids.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

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There's no Red Clay school within a 26-square mile area of Hockessin.

That's why the district chose land they owned at 2025 Graves Road to be home to a new school for kindergarten through fifth grades.

Merv Daugherty is district superintendent.

"We are growing rapidly in our district. For example, we're up 350 kids this year so the need for the space is evident, and we think the location is great, and it will be well utilized," says Daugherty.

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When asked whether the school would be full when it opens its doors in 2015, Daugherty laughed, "That's a scary thought."

At Cooke Elementary, Daugherty says you'll see an increase focused on wellness and physical activity in this unique space.

"Space for soccer fields, the combination of additional parking, the outside recess activities for two sets of students, the K to 2 and the 3 to 5," he says.

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The school is named after longtime Red Clay educator Buzzy Cooke.

"Buzzy's just a man of integrity and loves kids and served in education for 45 years. That school's going to start with a tradition of quality just with Buzzy's name there," says Daugherty fondly.

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The school costs $20 million, funded by the state.

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