Three arrested after rowdy crowd rolls through Newark

By Amy Cherry, Tom Lehman 2:28pm, September 10, 2013 - Updated 12:07am, September 11, 2013
Photo courtesy of Amanda Pond
Police have arrested three people after a riotous crowd moved through Newark following a big Monday night party.

Officers were called to a house on the 400 block of South College Avenue, where police say more than 1,000 people, many of whom were University of Delaware students, were partying as a DJ performed behind the home.

Cpl. James Spadola, a Newark police spokesman, said Tuesday afternoon that officers arrived on scene around 11 p.m.

"They called for more units to come, they were able to disperse the crowd for the most part and arrested the residents for disorderly premises," Spadola said.

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The displaced partygoers began marching up South College avenue in a group, which police say swelled to thousands of people. Many people in the group were walking on top of cars as they continued up the road, police said.

"They banked right onto Main Street and continued walking on cars and whatnot," Spadola said.

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More than 75 State, county and university police officers were called into the area for crowd control, which presented an intimidating scene for many onlookers.

"We knew it was going to get pretty wild. At first we wanted to stay inside and stay away from it all and were kind of afraid it was going to turn violent," said Amanda Pond, a senior at UD who watched the crowd from the window of her Main Street apartment.

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The situation, Spadola said, was reported to be under control by 1 a.m. Tuesday morning.

VIDEO: Newark PD's video of the riots:

Spadola said Evan Touzzoli (and a second student whose name has been removed from this article after providing official state paperwork showing his record has been expunged) allegedly hosted the party and was charged with underage consumption and disorderly premise.

Both students are subject to an emergency academic hearing at UD. They were released by police on their own recognizance.

In a letter released online, University President Patrick Harker and Provost Domenico Grasso said the behavior of students involved with the incident will not be tolerated.

"Students who violate the Code risk sanctions including expulsion. The University is working closely with the Newark Police Department to ensure that those responsible for last night's incident are held accountable," Harker and Grasso are quoted as saying.

Officers also arrested Marcus Hyde, a cameraman for I'm Shmacked, a digital media company that videotapes college parties and posts footage online.

Police say Hyde was taken into custody following the party after he caused a crowd to swell around him and act more disorderly.

Newark police didn't receive any reports of a car fire as shown on social media. No one was hurt, but several cars and other personal property were damaged.

Although the absence of injuries was positive, Spadola said the incident fueled concerns over public safety.

"They might be having fun, but they're scaring the daylights out of some of the people who aren't participating and it's real easy for something like that to go south," he said.

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This story was edited on May 19, 2016 to reflect one of the suspects in this case has had his record expunged.

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