Capitol police arrest two in recent incidents at courthouses

By Tom Lehman 5:29pm, September 13, 2013
Capitol police say two men were arrested recently on criminal charges for unrelated incidents that occurred at two state courthouses on Wednesday.

Police: Prisoner tried to grab officer's gun

Capitol police say a 22-year-old New Castle man was arrested on Wednesday after he tried to escape from the Kent County Courthouse.

Police say Frank Blunt was being moved along with other prisoners by corrections officers from the cellblock in the courthouse to a transport van.

That's when police say Blunt grabbed an officer's gun and unsuccessfully tried to take it from him.

Officers then grabbed Blunt and moved him back to the cellblock.

Blunt faces firearm charges and has been recommitted to the Vaughn Correctional Center in default of bond.

Millsboro man's alleged comment alarms jurors

Capitol police say a 59-year-old Millsboro man was arrested after he made comments made while reporting for jury duty.

John Dolor is accused of making the statement "I need a gun to end this all" in the jury assembly room at the Sussex County Courthouse.

Police say that comment alarmed other jurors and Dolor was charged disorderly conduct.

He's been released on a $500 unsecured bond.

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