Cyber Aces Program launches in Delaware

By Michelle Provencher 9:28pm, September 13, 2013
Free online lessons to learn cyber security skills will be available to Delawareans.

Cyber Aces Program - launched this week - was the subject of Governor Jack Markell's weekly address.

Markell says hackers pose a growing threats to our private information.

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"Cyber threats are one of the most serious economic and national security challenges that we face. Our banks, our power companies, our water plants, medical facilities all are vulnerable, and private companies have got to protect their research and consumer information from hackers."

Markell adds the need to protect our data will create jobs.

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"As more and more companies join governments in realizing the importance of hiring high quality, cyber security professionals, it’s really important that we provide an environment in which the next generation of these experts can learn and gain employment opportunities in this rapidly growing field."

Markell says the program is not only targeted to high school and college students, but also veterans and military personnel looking for employment.

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