A world view on the Crisis in Syria

By Amy Cherry 3:55pm, September 19, 2013 - Updated 10:26pm, September 19, 2013
A now-painted Berlin Wall serves as a grim reminder of a divided nation at war. (Amy Cherry/WDEL)
A WDEL special report....as our Amy Cherry checks in from Berlin, Germany, where she is on a journalism fellowship. She reports back on how the crisis in Syria is being viewed there.

Europe is beyond war. That's what German Federal Ministry of Defense Secretary Stephane Beemelmans tells WDEL. He says Germans prefer all world conflicts be resolved diplomatically.

Germany would have been among the European nations that opposed U.S. military action in Syria. They support a resolution to dismantle Syria's chemical weapons.

Beemelmans says Germany is a nation surrounded by friends. As proof, he points to the country's military downsizing and the sale of tanks.

But not all nations in the European Union agree. He says eastern European countries like Poland fear Russia, one of Syria's only true allies. But Beemelmans says Germany doesn't view Russia as risk due to their strong desire to find a footing back in the international community.

He says after World War II and the Holocaust, 82-million Germans don't want war. With national elections looming, he adds if you want to lose, start talking about war.

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