Council looking into city service use at Foxtail Fest

By Jim Hilgen 10:57pm, September 19, 2013
Councilman Mike Brown in floor discussion
City Council is looking into the use of city services to support a for profit event.

WDEL's Jim Hilgen has the story...

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Council members responded angrily to reports that the city provided police officers and other support for last weekend's Foxtail Fest.

Council President Theo Gregory says serious questions have been raised and City Council and Wilmington residents are owed an explanation.

A special joint meeting of the Finance, Public Safety and Public Works Committees is scheduled to look into the allegations.

Councilman Mike Brown chairs the Public Safety Committee.

He describes the extent of the city's support.

"They gave, they tell me, 20 police officers. And that wasn't denied. They tell me they gave them some EMT's and ambulance service that sat there for 9 1/2 hours, and that wasn't denied," says Brown.

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Councilman Brown says the reports will lead to increased scrutiny for the mayor, and City Council.

"Somebody has to be responsible for this. Somebody has to be accountable for this. And I tell you, I will continue to fight, I will continue to stand up for what's right," Brown says.

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Gregory says taxpayers deserve to know whether any laws were violated.

Brown says a city ordinance requires reimbursement for city services used in support of a for profit event.

The joint meeting of the Finance, Public Safety and Public Works Committees is set for September 30.

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