Council President Theo Gregory responds to Foxtail Fest

By Michelle Provencher 8:29pm, September 23, 2013 - Updated 5:15am, September 24, 2013
City Council President Theo Gregory says he plans to personally speak to Velda Jones-Potter in an effort to get to the bottom of the Foxtail Festival debacle.

Gregory tells WDEL that regardless of why the city paid police to work at the hip-hop concert, it was "bad judgment."

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"They wanted the hip-hop, rap session to go off. I do believe that it was not thought through, last minute, a flurry, trying to make it happen and just some bad judgment took place."

Jones-Potter, who was dismissed as chief strategy advisor to Mayor Williams on Friday, took to her husband's public access TV show Sunday dispelling rumors that she intentionally used public money to hire police for the music festival.

While Jones-Potter conceded she attended city meetings regarding the hip-hop concert, it was only as a private citizen and not as a member of Williams' administration.

Gregory says being an advisor to the mayor is a 24-7 job.

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"You are in that position 24-7. I understand the effort she was making. Had there not been a hiccup perhaps it would have been okay, but we had a big hiccup in this situation and one can't do that."

Jones-Potter's son, Brandon Potter, was an organizer and promoter of Foxtail.

City Council has called a special meeting regarding the incident for September 30.

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