Williams says more changes are coming to his administration after Foxtail fallout

By Peter MacArthur 9:15am, September 24, 2013
There will be more changes in the Williams administration in Wilmington as a result of the fallout from a security snafu at the Foxtail festival.

On the heels of requesting the resignation of his Chief Strategist Velda Jones-Potter, Williams tells Delaware's Morning News that all department heads in the city will be held more accountable in the future.

"Anyone who doesn't lay the truth on the table, well, everybody understands that there are several things that I'll accept but I won't accept lying and throwing curve balls at me, you will be fired, right on the spot. There's more changes coming."

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Jones-Potter came under fire after it was revealed that the city provided security to a hip hop festival organized by her son.

She also attended meetings about the festival, she claimed as a private citizen, but the move has come under criticism.

Williams says he's now looking for Jones-Potter's replacement.

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