Delaware legislative panel eyes Medicaid spending

By Randall Chase, Associated Press 1:44pm, October 3, 2013
Members of the legislature's budget-writing committee are tossing around ideas on how to curb spending on Medicaid, which is costing Delaware taxpayers about $700 million a year.

The Joint Finance Committee convened Thursday to discuss the financial impact of Delaware's Medicaid program and explore ways to save costs.

State Medicaid director Steve Groff briefed panel members on how the Medicaid program operates and outlined some of the biggest cost drivers, including a 40 percent increase in enrollment over the past five years.

Panel members discussed a variety of ideas on how to cut costs, including reducing fraud by requiring Medicaid recipients to show photo identification before receiving medical services, and considering what steps can be taken to encourage Medicaid recipients to eat healthy foods and not to smoke.

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