Former Marine runs through Wilmington...again

By Carl Kanefsky 3:22pm, October 7, 2013 - Updated 3:27pm, October 7, 2013
After being derailed by a punch to the face, a former Marine on a cross country run to honor veterans, returned to the streets of Wilmington Monday morning.

WDEL's Carl Kanefsky has the story.

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Brendan O'Toole gave Wilmington a second chance Monday morning, along with an assist from several city police officers.

As part of a cross country run to honor our nation's military veterans, O'Toole ran through Wilmington last week, only to have his progress halted by the sucker punch of a homeless man.

O'Toole told NBC 10 that while not everyone he meets is supportive, his Wilmington encounter was a little different.

"We get a lot of negative things on the road here and there," O'Toole says. "That one definitely stuck us a little gave me a pretty good headache."

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As a show of support and gratitude, the local law enforcement and veterans communities joined O'Toole on a short run through the city, after he had a few days to recover.

I mean, I'm feeling great and feling like we're doing a great job raising awareness, and all the support we're getting, it's pretty contagious," he says. "It seems like it's going everywhere and it's turning a good story for everyone."

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O'Toole dealt with a concussion and a cut to the face, but was back in the city for a run with groups from the local law enforcement and veterans communities, telling NBC 10 that he harbors no ill will for what happened.

"I got no qualms or no bad feelings about Wilmington or Delaware, and I'm just really thankful that everyone helped us as much as possible and made a lot of noise, and we'll see what happens the rest of the trip for New England."

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O'Toole's 21 state tour that began in California, now moves into Pennsylvania on the way to its finish line in Maine.

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