Ribbon cutting at UD's new lab

By Tom Lehman 10:30pm, October 17, 2013
VIDEO: UD President Patrick Harker and Provost Domenico Grasso and Governor Jack Markell discuss the ISE Lab.
The University of Delaware cut the ribbon on the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Lab on Thursday, recognizing the completion of the 194,000 square foot facility this year.

WDEL's Tom Lehman reports...

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University President Patrick Harker called the ISE lab a "dream come true" and the advanced technology, classrooms and individual lab rooms are a major pull for out-of-state talent.

"We have a faculty member who came from the University of Michigan a few years ago because this building was getting built," Harker said. "Not only that, but it's going to draw more companies like a Bloom Energy."

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Provost Domenico Grasso says the new labs and classrooms are configured to encourage more hands on learning.

Grasso said students will listen to lectures but also get to become more involved in experiments and research because of how many classrooms and labs are arranged next to each other.

"It's no longer 'sage on the stage,' it's more like 'guide on the side,'"Grasso said.

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The lab's research wing has an imaging and microscopy suite
along with a 10,000 square foot nanofabrication facility.

You can read more about the lab on the university's website.

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