Milford District seeks to reverse Milford HS name change

By Amy Cherry 3:52pm, October 31, 2013
Just days after the Milford School Board voted to change Milford High School's name, a special meeting is called to rescind that decision.

The board voted to change the grounds of Milford High to the Justice Randy J. Holland Campus, in honor of the current Delaware Supreme Court Justice and Milford native - who is a world renowned speaker on judicial issues.

State Rep. Harvey Kenton had spearheaded the effort, on behalf of one of Holland's family members.

"Not so much re-naming the school, we feel that's sacred, Milford High School, in our opinion, you leave that name alone, you don't change the name of the school," Kenton says.

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The special Milford District Board meeting, where the name change decision is expected to be reversed, will be held next Tuesday.

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