Hundreds honor Del. veterans on War Memorial Plaza

By Amy Cherry 1:36pm, November 11, 2013 - Updated 3:23pm, November 11, 2013
VIDEO: WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.
Hundreds attend the 22nd annual ceremony for veterans at the foot of the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

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A brisk wind and chilly temperatures didn't stop Delawareans from paying tribute to veterans
to show freedom comes at a staggering price.

Edward Newman served in World War II and lost his kid brother Otis, fresh out of high school, in the war.

"I always loved him and I know he loved me, and I would have liked to grown up with him," said Newman.

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For others like Vietnam Vet Bob Morris Veterans Day is a stark reminder of the past.

"It was an experience to say the least, saw things that I hope I never saw again," says Morris.

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Rob Hoskins agrees and would rather forget his time in the Army in Vietnam, but has come to this service at the foot of the Delaware Memorial Bridge every year for the past two decades.

"It restores my faith in humanity to see people come and I see new faces every year too," he says.

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The ceremony honors those who currently serve, have served, or died at war.

Dave Torrens was in the Navy for the Korean War.

"I honor the fellas that didn't make it there. We have a memorial on the other side. There's a few friends there," he says.

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Ken Johnson earned a Purple Heart for his bravery in Vietnam and now volunteers at the VA.

"I like to help them out because the veterans really helped me out a lot," says Johnson.

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Delaware dignitaries like Gov. Markell spoke out in support of a common theme aimed at helping and hiring veterans. But only Adjutant General of the Delaware National Guard got a standing ovation.

"Today is your day, and we are certainly the land of the free because you made it the home of the brave," says Vavala.

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