New Castle's AMF helps construct newest naval aircraft carrier

By Amy Cherry 9:13am, November 25, 2013
VIDEO: WDEL's Amy Cherry takes an in-depth look at the craftsmenship at AMF.
A local company makes a major contribution to a new class of U.S. military aircraft carriers.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

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All Metal Fabricators (AMF) in New Castle spent 7,000 hours making arresting gears on the Navy's most advanced aircraft carrier yet.

"You need a lot of heavy duty equipment. You need excellent welders; you need very good machinists," says Kevin Denneny, General Manager of AMF.

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Denneny says without these arresting gears, planes would not be able to land on the USS Gerald Ford.

The aircraft carrier is the largest most powerfully and most advanced ship ever built.

"The technology's that's on the Ford is brand new. The technology prior to that dates back to WWII, so this is the next generation of aircraft carrier for the Navy," says Denneny.

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The carrier features a new nuclear power plant and electromagnetic catapults.

AMF's workforce of 30 skilled welders, craftsmen and machinists worked countless hours and late nights to handcraft these vital pieces.

"The guys in the shop that have their hands on this every day feel it's their baby. From time to time, we'll get some stuff back for rework, and when they see what has happened to their baby," he laughs, "They get a little upset. They have some ownership of it," says Denneny.

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Each arresting gear weighs 10,000 lbs and contains 2,500 lbs of welding wire.

The Ford was christened earlier this month and will join the Navy's fleet in 2016.

"They're very proud to be working on something that they know is going to the Navy and to the men and women that serve our country," he says.

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