Boom or bust: How the holiday shopping season shapes up

By Peter MacArthur 10:01am, November 25, 2013 - Updated 2:57pm, November 25, 2013
Are your feelings about the economy creeping into your holiday shopping?

As a consumer, you can expect to see huge savings unfold in the weeks to come.

Jill Schlesinger, CBS News Senior Business Analyst tells Delaware's Morning News that the shaky weather we're expected to see mid-week could shake up the Thanksgiving and holiday shopping landscapes.

"We are hoping that the holiday season is a strong one, and there are mixed reports on projections about it, but anything that eats into that, whether it's bad weather or travel, or you can't physically get to a store. On the other hand, people say to me, "Don't worry bad weather will be great, everyone will shop online."

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Schlesinger says from retailers to economists, it's hard to get a consensus on how this holiday shopping season will shake out.

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