What does the Phanatic say? Answer in YouTube parody

By Mellany Armstrong 11:28am, December 20, 2013 - Updated 11:56am, December 20, 2013
What's the Phanatic say?

A new music video now available on YouTube features a parody of the popular song “What Does the Fox Say,” one of the year’s wackiest electronic dance songs.

"Owls go hoot, and the cow goes moo moo moo, but there's one sound that no one knows....What's the Phanatic say?"

Click here to listen

Among those making appearances in the video are various Phillies minor league and local college mascots, as well as Phillies Front Office Employees and other special guests.

This is the Phanatic’s first music video to land on YouTube. You can see it by
clicking here.

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