Wilmington group organizes peace march Saturday

By Tom Lehman 8:11pm, December 27, 2013
A group calling for an end to gun violence in Wilmington is set to conduct a peace march Saturday after two more shootings were recorded in Wilmington this week.

Lamotte X with Wilmington Peacekeepers says members will begin marching from East 24th Street and travel toward N. Market Street at 1:30 p.m.

The demonstration is aimed at reaching young people and group members will be passing out flyers discouraging violence.

"This is the main thing, if we can get to the youth and change their thought process we can see some other activity coming from their hands," he said.

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Lamotte X also noted the demonstration isn't aimed at "taking over the neighborhood," and the march is a peaceful, multi-cultural and multi-denominational event.

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