Williams considers crooks as crime fighters

By Peter MacArthur 10:54am, January 7, 2014 - Updated 12:06pm, January 7, 2014
Sometimes it takes one to know one. That's what Mayor Dennis Williams is saying about a plan he has to use ex-cons to help fight crime.

Williams says he's developing an ambassador program to connect released inmates with potential criminals on the street and urge them to stop the violence.

"It's something I've been holding off to do but it's part of the puzzle that you have to put in and I'm going to be criticized for it. Check the old Rizzo plan, the Daley plan...this is how they stopped some of the gang wars in Philadelphia and Chicago. It's something that I've been studying for quite awhile. I didn't know if I was going to use it or not, but I do know that I need this piece of the puzzle to help police."

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Williams announcement of the plan on 'Delaware's Morning News' comes as the city embarks on a number of community cluster meetings to discuss the crime problem in Wilmington and potential solutions.

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