DE Senators vote to help jobless

By Carl Kanefsky 2:20pm, January 7, 2014
Both members of Delaware's Senate delegation have voted to renew jobless benefits to the long-term unemployed.

As drafted, the bill would restore between 14 weeks and 47 weeks of benefits averaging $256 a week, to an estimated 1.3 million long-term jobless, including 36-hundred Delawareans, who were affected when the program expired last month.

Senator Tom Carper says, "At a time when unemployment remains far too high in far too many states, it doesn’t make sense to abruptly end these emergency benefits as our economy continues to recover from the worst economic crisis of my lifetime."

Coons says, "For Delawareans who have lost a job in the economic downturn, unemployment insurance allows them to keep their head above water, and to continue to put food on the table, to support their families, to pay the rent, and to make car or mortgage payments."

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