County police debut app they say will help fight crime

By Mellany Armstrong 3:26pm, January 7, 2014
Keeping up on technology will help police solve crimes.

That's what New Castle County Chief Col. Elmer Setting says about the debut of a new smart phone app.

"When you can have something as simple as pulling out your iPhone or smart phone, pushing a button on a police app, and giving us credible information or actionable intelligence with complete anonymity, this is how people are going to feel comfortable telling us what really happened and who was involved," he said.

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Setting says this app may help bring forward some of the hundreds of witnesses present last week at the shooting death of a 17-year-old boy at a high school party in Brookside.

And it can be used for many things to promote communication between police and the community.

"You can do everything from request a speed trap to report on a homicide. You can commend an officer. You can even suggest that an officer may not be doing their job, and that will be referred to the proper department," he said.

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Setting says the app already has been downloaded a couple of hundred times, and tips are coming in on other crimes.

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