Unemployment benefits extension bill fails

By Michelle Provencher 9:17pm, January 14, 2014
Jobless Americans and their interests were on the table in the Senate Tuesday.

First, an extension of federal emergency unemployment insurance benefits was struck down after failing to earn the required 60 votes to trump the Republican filibuster.

Senator Coons voted to preserve the extension.

He said, "Congress should not be turning its back on the millions of Americans who are still looking for a job."

Coons was a co-sponsor of the bill, which would have extended unemployment assistance for three months.

Thirty-six hundred people in the First State were cut off from their federal unemployment benefits on December 28th and another 4,800 are expected to lose them over the next six months.

The Democrat also introduced new bi-partisan legislation with Republican Senator Pat Roberts, of Kansas.

The Innovators Job Creation Act aims to reward small businesses and startups for investing in research and development, in the form of tax credits.

"If we want to strengthen our manufacturing sector, we have to support innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly by startups that are creating the majority of new jobs," Coons said.

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