Newark's Braatz Sisters - WDEL HS Athletes of the Week

By Gianna Banner 4:52pm, January 15, 2014
Video: Interview with the Braatz sisters
This Week's M&T Bank HS Athletes of the Week are Hannah and Sarah Braatz.

Sarah and Hannah are working towards next months DIAA state swimming championships. Both girls were part of the championship 200 yard freestyle relay last year, while Sarah won the individual 100 free.

The sisters began swimming at a young age, and Hannah gives a simple reason on how she got her start.

"I started swimming when I was eight because my mom made me," said Hannah.

The Newark girls swimming team is currently 4-1 and has a lot of senior leadership. There are 12 seniors total, and Sarah explains why the team is so successful.

"There's not any one person that goes out and does everything," said Sarah. "It's a lot of group effort. We're really just one big team."

The Braatz girls, both seniors, want the Yellowjackets to remain high in ranking, but they also strive for personal goals.

"Well, I would like to make it back to finals in at least one individual event," said Hannah.

"Personally, I'm aiming for the Newark High School 100 Free record," said Sarah. "The record is a 52.19, so as of right now my best time is under that so I'm really hopeful for this season."

Hannah, who enjoys soccer a little more than swimming tells WDEL how she improved in this sport.

"I've been more dedicated," she said. "Academics...I've learned how to balance both."

Sarah, who is headed to Texas this week to swim in a meet with her club team, tells WDEL what runs through her mind when preparing for a race.

"There's not a lot of thought," said Sarah, whose favorite event is the 100 free. "If you overthink something that's where mistakes are made so just diving in and letting your body do what your trained to do is the best way to approach a race."

Hannah hopes to attend The University of Delaware, and Sarah has already committed to UD for swimming.

Coach Bryan Stambaugh tells WDEL about two of his standout swimmers.

"Sarah, I think is just, she decided she wanted it and puts the time in," said Stambaugh. "Hannah has decided what events she wants to focus on."

Hannah and Sarah hope to continue their success this season as tough competition awaits.

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