Markell at White House: Lays out plan to help low-income kids go to college

By Mellany Armstrong 12:46pm, January 16, 2014 - Updated 3:27pm, January 16, 2014
Governor Markell tells leaders of colleges and universities gathered at the White House that Delaware will be expanding educational opportunities for low-income students.

"Every high school in our state will make time for students to fill out their applications in computer labs and write college essays during English class. That's number one. Number two, we already have a pilot program that we've operated in a few of our districts that assist families with filling out the FAFSA forms, individual school aid forms and scholarship applications, we're going to expand this program," Markell said.

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Markell says students will be celebrated with an 'acceptance day' when they learn of their college admission. And the state will follow up with emails, post cards and phone calls to make sure students make it to college.

Markell also challenged high schools to follow Delaware's model of free school-day SAT and PSAT testing for every high school student.

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