Coons seeks easing of ACA reporting burden for Del. businesses

By Amy Cherry 4:52pm, February 7, 2014 - Updated 5:13pm, February 7, 2014
Sen. Chris Coons (WDEL/File)
Senator Coons is urging the Obama Administration to ease health care reporting requirements for Delaware businesses.

In a letter sent to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, Senator Coons makes it clear the concerns businesses have as he pushes for more clarity.

"To ensure that companies that already provide health care have a minimal, additional reporting burden and to make it clear for medium and small businesses, what they're going to have to do to comply going forward," says Coons.

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Coons says many Delaware businesses preparing for the law’s coverage mandate are already incurring increased costs from their accountants, payroll managers, and insurance companies as they try to determine what information will need to be reported to the federal government.

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