Police say cones, other items can't be used to hold spots

By Tom Lehman 7:40am, February 18, 2014 - Updated 10:59pm, February 18, 2014
VIDEO: Wilmington police spokesman Cpl. Mark Ivey discusses the illegality of city residents using cones or other objects to reserve parking spots they dug out of snow.
Recent snowfall has made street-side parking in Wilmington difficult to find, but police say city residents can't put objects in the street to hold onto a spot once you've left it.

WDEL's Tom Lehman explains...

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Cpl. Mark Ivey, a spokesman for the Wilmington Police Department, says you can't hold onto a spot by placing objects in the roadway to block off parking spaces dug out of the snow.

"You don't want to spend time shoveling another spot if someone takes the spot you were in when you come back, but at the same time the roadway is a city-owned roadway and you're not allowed to block off spots," he says.

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Under city code, Ivey says police are allowed to confiscate any cones, lawn chairs or other items used to block off parking spots.

However, he notes that Interim Police Chief Bobby Cummings has temporarily waived enforcement of the rule because of the amount of snow that has fallen in Wilmington over the last few weeks.

If owner of an object is found or police spot someone putting something in the street to hold a spot, that person could face a $65 fine for a first offense.

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