In Wilmington, where does the snow go?

By Peter MacArthur 10:14am, February 18, 2014 - Updated 12:00pm, February 18, 2014
One of the challenges for a city when it snows is where to put the white stuff after awhile.

Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams says they've had to take snow plowed during the 14 measurable snowfalls this winter and put some of it in empty lots.

"We have a vacant lot that W.H.A. was gracious enough to let us use, also County Executive Gordon gave us some parkland. If we fill that area up...that area we have in the Southbridge area hasn't filled up, but if we fill that area up, we can move to another location," said Williams.

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Williams says he doesn't have exact figures on how much the city has had to spend on salting and plowing and manpower. But he says the city has secured almost 2,000 tons of salt and 200 tons of sand to use on future snowstorms.

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