Embattled Sussex sheriff to run for re-election

By Kelli Steele 8:25am, March 6, 2014
Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher this week announced his bid for re-election.

Christopher is seeking re-election to a second term; he first took office in 2010.

Christopher lives in Greenwood and has been battling with local elected officials and Delaware's Supreme Court, maintaining that a Delaware sheriff enjoys an inherent, constitutionally granted power to arrest people:

"The problem that I have is that in every other state in this union, the United States, the definition is very clear. Here, I believe politics are at foot. There is so misjustice or injustice because they simply don't want to look at certain things that threaten certain entities," Christopher told our sister station, Delaware 105.9.

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The Supreme Court says Christopher has no arrest power.

So you look across the country or you Google sheriffs such as in Colorado or Pennsylvania, new York, everything where sheriffs have done in the last say 13-14 months to defray these intended legislation against guns or for gun control. That's just one example. Property rights is another," he said.

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