Snow more than likely for St. Patrick's Day

By Amy Cherry 1:42pm, March 14, 2014
If you thought you were done with snow, think again.

After a mild Saturday and a pretty decent Sunday, temperatures will drop Sunday night, and you know what that could mean for your St. Patrick's Day morning rush.

"As of right now, I'd say likely going to see some accumulations although they still remain kind of questionable as to exactly how intense the snow's going to be," said AccuWeather's Danielle Knittle

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AccuWeather's Danielle Knittle says the storm is a big one, stretching from Kansas to New England with Wilmington right in the sweet spot for snow, where we've been basically all winter.

There's at least a chance, albeit small, for rain.

"We could get a little bit warmer air try to sneak in from the south perhaps giving us a changeover to rain, but at least at the onset and I think through a good portion of it, it looks like it's going to be primarily staying in the form of snow here through Monday," she said.

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Knittle says the storm even has the possibility of breaking a 20-year record.

"The 14th, 15th of March, we haven't had a snowfall greater than four inches or so reported at the airport, so you know, and right now that remains a possibility on the table," she said.

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You can expect the temperature roller coaster ride to stick along too into next week.
"Once we get through this system, temperatures will try to recover it looks like in the longer range beyond this, so again, looks to be a very brief cold period, but we have that snow," she said.

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