Wildlife finally appears after cold start to spring

By Michelle Provencher 5:25pm, April 5, 2014
Late season frosts and snow storms may have stalled some of Delaware's hibernating and migrating wildlife.

Associate Director of Land and Biodiversity Management with the Delaware Nature Society Jim White tells WDEL he's noticed certain animals are making a late comeback, and blames it on the bitter cold weather in the Northeast in March.

"One thing that we did notice happening this early spring was, there seem to be a delay in the migration of waterfowl. And that was probably due to the ponds and other water areas up north being frozen," White said.

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White adds that especially amphibians like bull frogs, wood frogs, spring peepers and southern leopard frogs, were affected.

"Typically, the end of February, early March is when several species make their way down to the ephemeral wetlands, and begin to call and breed. This year they started about a week ago, a week and a half ago," White said.

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White, who co-authored the book "Amphibians and Reptiles of Delmarva" with his wife, says he also noticed the eastern chipmunk came out of hibernation three weeks late this year.

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