Denn calls Beau a "friend and formidable candidate" in governor's race

By Amy Cherry 11:33am, April 18, 2014
Lt. Gov. Matt Denn (WDEL/File)
Lieutenant Gov. Matt Denn is put in a tough spot when it comes to deciding his political future.

WDEL's Amy Cherry explains.

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Lieutenant Gov. Matt Denn could run for governor in 2016, and there was a strong possibility he might, until Thursday when Attorney General Beau Biden made his surprise announcement that HE would seek that office.

"I was surprised to hear it like everyone else."

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Now, Denn has to decide whether he wants to run against Beau Biden, someone he calls both a "friend and a formidable opponent."

"The fact that he's running, and he's a serious candidate that's one of the factors that I'll be lookin' at it," said Denn,

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Denn tells me his final decision on whether he'll run for governor won't come any time soon, but when asked whether he'll run for attorney general in November, something he has to decide much quicker, Denn was blunt...

"I honestly have never thought about it before, so it's something that I'm going to think about, and it's obviously on a much shorter timeframe, so it's something I'll need to think about pretty promptly and make a decision about," said Denn.

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