Dover Republicans fight same day voter registration bill

By Mark Fowser/Amy Cherry 4:18pm, May 1, 2014 - Updated 12:29pm, May 2, 2014
A proposal to allow Delawareans to register at the polls on Election Day is drawing concern among some state lawmakers.

They feel with so-called 'motor voter' and other outreach efforts, Delaware has a variety of ways to make registration easy and convenient.

Dover-area Republican state Senator Colin Bonini, tells our sister station Delaware 105-9. that House Bill 105 doesn't require a photo I-D to be presented on Election Day.

"It's not just the potential for fraud, which I think is the ;largest one, the actual logistics of getting this done on same day while people are waiting in line, my theory, you may actually end up hurting turn-out because people waiting in line 30 minutes might turn around and go home," said Bonini.

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Proponents of the legislation argue the measure would increase voter turnout and would not lead to increased cases of voter fraud because you're subject to perjury if you lie on the affidavit.

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