Wilm. cleans out "hazardous" alleys across city

By Tom Lehman 9:58am, May 2, 2014
Some of Wilmington's most messiest alleys got a clean sweep from the city's licenses and inspections department during the month of April, as part of an effort to improve public safety and appearances in those pathways.

WDEL's Tom Lehman reports...

The $25,000 effort involved removing garbage and debris that was illegally dumped in alleys, said Jeff Starkey, the outgoing licenses and inspections commissioner who was tapped to head the city's public works department last month.

"(We found) all kinds of stuff, mattresses, bed frames, drug paraphenalia, trees that had overgrown into some of the walkways," Starkey said.

Inspectors cleaned alleys in the following areas:

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