School choice could get simpler

By Michelle Provencher 9:56pm, May 13, 2014
One, across-the-board deadline for all school choice options could be a reality for parents who struggle with the application process, which currently varies school-to-school.

A new House Bill, sponsored by Representative Kim Williams, would require a uniform enrollment deadline for all public, charter, magnet, career and technical schools.

In the bill, all applications for a new school would be due between the first Monday in November and the second Wednesday in January for the following school year.

The bill sets the acceptance deadline for the third Friday in March.

No uniform deadlines for schools exist yet.

Under the present system, a family who applies for multiple schools with different acceptance deadlines may have to make a decision about one before finding out about being accepted to another.

Rep. Williams says this causes unnecessary stress for families and leads to rash decisions.

HB 337 has 11 House co-sponsors and will face the House Education Committee Wednesday.

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