Hagley named Delaware's first Smithsonian affiliate

By WDEL 7:37pm, June 4, 2014
You'll soon be able to see Smithsonian artifacts and programming at Hagley.

The museum was named an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution and is the first organization in Delaware to receive that distinction.

David Cole, Hagley's Executive Director, says the collaboration will bring some artifacts from the Smithsonian's collection in Washington D.C. to Delaware.

"Even though we're just two hours up the road from the Smithsonian, the reality is not many folks from this neighborhood have the opportunity to trot down to the Smithsonian as easily as they might visit a museum like Hagley," Cole said.

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Cole says the affiliation affirms Hagley's status as a museum and elevates the organization's profile on the national level.

You can read more about the distinction on Hagley's website.

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