Wilm. business owner called 911 about bridge in April

By Ruth Bryna 10:07pm, June 6, 2014
The News Journal reports a Wilmington business owner told DelDOT about a problem with the now-closed I-495 bridge over a month and a half ago.

Charles Allen Jr. says he called 911 to tell police he saw the bridge "separating," calling it "kind of a crazy emergency."

Allen owns the North East Body Shop in Wilmington. He says he was headed home to Maryland one evening when he noticed the northbound lane on the bridge was about a foot higher than the southbound lane.

Deldot has been monitoring the bridge since its emergency closure Monday, and says there's been no additional significant movement, but it's keeping tilt monitors in place.

Governor Markell has secured $2 million of federal money for repair of the bridge after declaring a limited state of emergency for that purpose.

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