Post-O'Donnell, GOP looking for a comeback

By Michelle Provencher 10:12pm, July 8, 2014 - Updated 10:23pm, July 8, 2014
Despite Delaware being a predominantly blue state, Republican candidates are registered to run in all the statewide elections as of Tuesday's noon deadline.

But as Delaware GOP State Committee Chair Charlie Copeland says new tactics by the party aim to bring Republicans to the forefront.

"It was decided that the party wasn't going to do endorsements, that our job was to fill the bench, to bring in young people, and rebuild the grassroots and work to lever technology for this election, 2016, 2018 and beyond," Copeland says.

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Copeland says it takes time to repair what Republican senate candidate Christine O'Donnell did to mar the party's reputation before losing to Senator Chris Coons in 2010.

"Look, it took many years for the party to get in as bad of straits as it was when O'Donnell broke it in 2010, and anybody who thinks that you're going to fix that in an election year or two, might also believe that the earth will heal and the seas recede," Copeland says.

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Copeland says he thinks that voters will realize the potential the Republican party has to lead in Delaware.

"This is a state that is ruining itself. But it takes a while for folks to recognize that, 'hey, the Republican party is back and is an investable and growing commodity,'" Copeland says.

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Coons and Congressman John Carney are among the democrats who will be challenged by Republicans for their seat.

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