Wilmington park fundraiser ended by gunshots

By Peter MacArthur 11:17am, July 21, 2014 - Updated 12:48am, July 22, 2014
Video courtesy NBC10
Gunshots end a fundraiser being held in a park in Wilmington.

Children were among those in Haynes Park for the fundraiser Sunday afternoon, which was being held to help pay the medical bills of a woman who was burned in a fire in June.

Mayor Dennis Williams says the event hadn't received a special events permit from the city and police, fire and EMS were unaware of the event. No one was hurt.

Police are looking for those who fired off the shots.

Williams says he hopes to work with the General Assembly to pass gun legislation that will get gun-toting criminals off the streets.

Some local residents like Aaron Campbell say lawbreakers don't follow laws and the best solution is cultural shift toward old-fashioned values.

"Basics like family values, core values, trust, friendships and things of that nature," Campbell told NBC 10. "Also in our education system and in our homes. When you do that you strengthen the community."

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