Frontier suspending service to some destinations this winter

By Amy Cherry 1:59pm, July 21, 2014 - Updated 3:51pm, July 21, 2014
VIDEO: WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.
Frontier Airlines will suspend service to several major routes out of New Castle Airport later this year.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

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Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, and Fort Myers--all places you won't be able to fly to from New Castle Airport, starting December 12th.

"No question that certain markets, in the winter, there's somewhat weaker demand for certain destinations than others," said New Castle Airport director Steve Williams.

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Williams tells WDEL the suspended service is just "seasonal," and he expects those routes to definitely return.

"What we're looking forward to in the spring are not only the destinations coming back, but potentially some new destinations and maybe additional frequencies," Williams said.

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Williams says Wilmington isn't the only city affected by these so-called "seasonal adjustments" that come after Frontier was bought out by Indigo Partners. He calls it the "new normal" for the airline industry.

"These adjustments are being made nationwide throughout Frontier's system, so they will refocus their assets and their aircraft to destinations they believe their customers want to go to," he said.

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Service to Orlando and Tampa will remain through the winter.

"The peak demand from the Northeast is to Florida, at least as far as leisure customers are concerned," Williams said.

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This isn't the first time Frontier has made changes in service since it began flying out of New Castle Airport last year. The low-cost carrier cut flights abruptly to Houston last fall and to Detroit in May--mere months after adding that destination. Service to those cities has not returned, but Williams calls these adjustments "different."

"A lot of people say once you take it away, it doesn't come back. Do you fear that?" Cherry asked.

"Not at all," Williams said. "We certainly expect that in the spring of 2015 that you'll see some increases, potentially some additional frequencies and new destinations."

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In a written statement, Tyri Squyres, a spokesman for Frontier tells WDEL, "These seasonal changes to the schedule do not reflect our belief in the Wilmington. Both the airport and community have been supportive of our brand of low fares and we look forward to continuing to serve the market."

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