Smyrna police station to quadruple in size

By Amy Cherry 3:54pm, August 5, 2014
Smyrna breaks ground on a new police station.

"It's probably at least four times bigger than what we have," said police chief Norman Wood.

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Wood who says the new station is needed because Smyrna has outpaced growth expectations substantially over the past few years.

"Bigger rooms, more space for us to speak to people, take complaints, to do interviews of people that are suspects, and as far as the processing area, it's going to be larger," he said.

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Chief Wood, who's been with the department for two decades, is looking forward to the added space.

"Just having room for things so we don't have to store things in the locker rooms, and it will be more efficient because right now our special investigations unit is housed at another site in town. We can get all the officers under one roof and make working together a lot better,' he said.

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The expansion to their current building on Glenwood Avenue will cost $4 million, paid for, at least in part through support from the USDA Rural Development Community Facility Program.

Wood expects the new police station to be open by next summer.

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