Tropical Storm Bertha churning rip currents at Del. beaches

By Mark Fowser 12:31pm, August 6, 2014
Graphic courtesy of AccuWeather
Tropical Storm Bertha is well out to sea, but the storm is close enough to cause some hazardous swimming conditions at the Delaware beaches.

WDEL's Mark Fowser reports.

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Captain Kent Buckson of the Rehoboth Beach Patrol says several swimmers were injured in the surf Tuesday, while lifeguards also had to handle a number of rescues from the strong tide.
Wednesday also brings an elevated risk of heavy surf and rip currents.

"The rip current will not pull you under, but it will pull you out so if people can keep that in mind that they can ride the rip current out and swim in after the current dissolves, that should help them get back to shore," said Buckson.

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Buckson says it's important to check the flag system used by the lifeguards, only swim at a protected beach, and check in with the lifeguards for the latest on the conditions.

Buckson cautions to stay out of the water completely if you can't swim.

"A lot of these people that come to the beach aren't very experienced swimmers and they get knocked down or try to go under a wave, and next thing you know, they're out far enough away where they can't touch and they get sucked out into a rip current," said Buckson.

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