Dry, mild fall start to fall, severe weather in November

By Amy Cherry 9:26am, August 18, 2014 - Updated 10:03am, August 18, 2014
A look at fall weather across the nation. (Graphic courtesy of AccuWeather)
Summer is nearing its end, what's in store for the fall weather-wise?

WDEL's Amy Cherry has a preview.

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"We are expecting a dry, rather mild start to fall."

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Temperatures are expecting to average above-normal overall for the three-month period, but AccuWeather senior meteorologist Jack Boston cautions the end of fall may not be so nice. Long-range forecasts show some wet and wild weather.

"There's a possibility we may even see some severe weather in the month of November," Boston said, noting thunderstorms could be common.

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As we look ahead to the winter, don't expect it to be as frigid as last year, with the Polar Vortex behind us, but there's still the potential for plenty of snow.

"I could see us doing fairly well as far as snowfall goes in the wintertime, but as far as the fall goes, we might see some snowflakes in November," Boston said.

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Areas north and west of Delaware like central Pennsylvania, upstate New York, and northern New England will see an early freeze in the fall.

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