Wilmington traffic stop results in gun, drug and traffic charges

By Frank Gerace 8:09am, September 1, 2014
Tamiya Gregory
A woman is behind bars on gun charges, and a man arrested on drug and traffic counts, after a Wilmington traffic stop.

City police say officers stopped a Chevy Impala near the 300 block of North Bancroft Parkway shortly before 11 Saturday night because the car's license plate had expired.

The driver, Kennan Golden, didn't have a license, registration or insurance, but was carrying more than 2.5 grams of pot.

The cops told Golden's passenger, Tamiya Gregory, to get out of the car, and when she took her cell phone out of her pocket, a 22-caliber handgun fell out.

Gregory's being held at the Baylor Women's Prison, charged with carrying a concealed deadly weapon and possession of a firearm within 10 years of a prior conviction.

Golden's out of bail.

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