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WDEL's Delaware Hi-TechWatch
with Peter MacArthur

Delaware Road Trip-Fingers First

Delaware's Transportation Management Center is taking information from the road and putting it at your fingertips. TMC Operations Manager Gene Donaldson says latest data about road conditions, travel times, accidents and forecasts helps them do their job.

"And at the same time, it allows us to provide real-time and accurate information to the transportation system users so they can make educated mode, route and travel time choices."

Donaldson says they have the equivalent of a technology tool box from which to draw the various types of information they want to provide.

"We put it out to Facebook, Twitter, to the website and we now have apps for Google, Android and the iPhone, so our goal is to gather the information as quickly and accurately as possible, fuse it, integrate it and put it out over a variety of media outlets.

Find out more at deldot-dot-gov.

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