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CopCams: A Shared Vision in Wilmington

Wilmington Police are taking community policing to a new level by using technology to help watch the streets. Corporal Mark Ivey says the department currently uses a network of 70 cameras to monitor criminal activities.

"There's a good part of the city that isn't covered by those cameras and what we're doing is, we're looking to expand this network by involving and cooperating with some of the local community members."

The result is a program called Shared Vision.

"The idea behind this program is to find and identify the privately owned cameras within the city so we can use them as an investigative tool to help in the event a crime occurs within the area that the camera is in."

Ivey says they've already held meetings on the effort and the concept has already proven to be successful in Wilmington...just this past fall.

"A suspect decided to shoot his gun into the air a couple times. When the police came they pulled some private surveillance footage that a citizen offered up and we saw exactly who did it."

If you want to take part or find out more go to wilmingtonde.gov/residents/sharedvision.

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