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WDEL's Delaware Hi-TechWatch
with Peter MacArthur

iPads Replacing Textbooks?

Could an iPad be replacing your child's textbooks?

Vineet Madan is the vice president of new ventures for McGraw-Hill Education, and says if the iPad can prove its worth in the classroom, it will happen.

'If you can prove that students end up learning better, I believe it ends up being money well spent, but certainly that's a decision that each school, each parent has to make for themselves.'

Madan says one piece of food for thought is what he sees at home; his kids arguing over the iPad to play educational games.

'One of the things they love to play is one of our everyday math games.
Watching my kids sitting there on an iPad playing math games at home, when they're things that haven't been assigned to them by the school. It shows you that there really is a different kind of potential to engage students in learning that...I haven't seen them fight over a textbook yet let's put it that way.'

Madan says with key interactive features like 3-D animations, interactive quiz questions and highlighting capabilities, innovative e-books go above and beyond what we ever thought was possible inside the classroom.

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