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Hitech at Work Behind the Wheel

Just as our cell phones, smart phones and iPods can distract us while driving, new technology is also helping to keep us safer behind the wheel.

Wayne Ward is Vice President of Emerging Solutions for Sprint and says there are many new breakthroughs in the driver safety arena that are coming on new vehicles and can often be retrofitted to older ones.

Mitigating or eliminating texting while the car is moving, all the way to putting video cameras in vehicles to be able to monitor driver behavior, and everything associated with being able to gather information about the vehicle and be able to deliver it in a way that can help to coach and prevent collisions.
If you're concerned about the safety of other drivers in your 'fleet,' technology can address that too.

...where you actually put an in-vehicle video recorder. And that product can be deployed for parents that are worried about their teenage drivers, to being able to understand exactly what's happening in the vehicle with their teenager, and be able to coach, and mentor and monitor that driver behavior, but also for fleet owners and businesses that have multiple vehicles on the road, being able to understand their driver behavior and being able to provide coaching in a continuous loop and feedback for how the vehicle is being oeprated and making sure it's being operated in a safe manner.

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