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Clearly...Glass is going hitech

You may not think of glass as high technology, but what a new kind of glass can do, is making it clear, that you should.

Corning, the company a lot of people equate with glass, is out with Gorilla Glass...a surface the company says is ideal for touch screens that doesn't scratch like plastic does.

Dr. Nagaraja Shashidar with Corning says, "Locations that you wouldn't have thought of before...having glass on them gives you the clarity and good visibility that you wouldn't get with plastic."

Shashidar says Gorilla Glass also opens up opportunities to put touch screens and other panel displays in places they've not been able to be used in the past.

Shashidar: "In our video, we show a countertop that acts as a display. And you put your phone in there and what you were doing goes right onto the kitchen table. Those are the concepts that we can look forward to in the future that we haven't thought of before."

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