Protests Market Street WLM 053020

This entry is WDEL’s coverage of a Black Lives Matter protest in Wilmington, Delaware on May 30, 2020.  What began as a peaceful march and protest in the early afternoon devolved into rioting and looting later in the evening. 

WDEL reporters Mike Phillips and Sean Greene were broadcasting live from the scene – using their phones to produce Facebook Live broadcasts that were aired on WDEL-FM/AM.   

In addition to describing the scene, our reporters tried to interact with the protestors.  The coverage at times is raw and emotional.  We made the editorial decision to continue airing the feed, despite profane language, because we felt it was something our community needed to hear. 

Unfortunately, the broadcasts of both reporters ended with them being assaulted and their phones stolen from them (at the 15:36 and 15:56 marks in the entry). 

This entry also includes next day follow-up, as Delaware Governor John Carney and other elected officials toured the damage, and members of the community volunteered to clean up. 

Here is associated coverage, including pictures and video, on