Delaware's Attorney General Kathy Jennings is looking to stop the swearing-in of former police chief Michael Capriglione as the commissioner for Newport. 

Capriglione was elected April 5, 2021, as the town's commissioner after being stripped of his badge and the title of police chief after 40 years following a parking lot accident in May of 2018. 

He pled guilty to official misconduct and careless driving in connection to the crash, during which he struck another vehicle in the police department parking lot and subsequently ordered erasure of a surveillance video which captured the crash. 

In a writ of quo warranto filed Wednesday, Jennings states Capriglione would be unlawfully holding office if her were to be sworn-in, and asked the court to stay his ceremony and nullify his election. 

"To be found guilty of Official Misconduct is to abuse the power the public places in its officials. It is the infamous crime — the first crime listed in our criminal code under “Abuse of Office”; a conviction should prohibit someone from again holding a position of public trust and power."

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